Here’s a little Friday fun for ya. I have received the link to this blog Stuff White People Like from several white people, who think it’s hilarious. Finally yesterday, I also received it from an actual black person, which was when I decided that you needed to know about it. The white people described on the blog tend to resemble those of California, however if you have a lot of liberal, well-educated friends, you may recognize some of your folks here. Black people have been studying the ways of white people since slavery times for our own survival and well-being. Generally speaking, we tend to know more about American white culture than whites about American black culture (aside from the lies and fictions they see on TV, of course).

I think what must intrigue white people is that we rarely share those cultural observations. Until now. Here’s a taste:

#69: Mos Def

In the olden days of white culture, people used to look up to Kings and Princes. These were the people that they adored, and every night they wished and hoped that somehow they could wake up and be just like them. But with Royal Families crumbling, that role has been filled by one man: Mos Def.

He is everything that white people dream about: authentic (”he’s from Brooklyn!”), funny (”he was on Chapelle show!”), artistic (have you heard “Black on Both Sides?”), an actor (”he’s in the new Gondry film!”) and not white (”I don’t see race”).

He has done an amazing job of being in big budget movies (The Italian Job) and having one of his songs become a white person wedding staple (Ms. Fat Booty) but still retaining authenticity and credibility.

If you find yourself in a social situation where you are asked to list your favorite actor or artist, you should always say Mos Def. This way you can name someone that everyone has heard of and you don’t look like you are trying to one up anybody. The only possible negative consequence is some white people might think “I wish I had said that first.”

What do you think white people like? In addition to Barack Obama, that is…

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