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I so hope we are not too late. I honestly feel that we, all people alive in this country at this time in our history, are lucky to even have the choice of Barack Obama. I feel that our answer to this opportunity represents a test. Are we worthy? Are we ready? Are we willing to stand?

I have worked hard to use my words, my voice, my comedy to find my own truth in this election and share it as far and as wide as possible with those who have ears to hear.

And yet, I fear it’s never enough.

I’m sharing a video made by one of the most impressive thinkers of our time who got behind Obama early and helped craft what is hands down the most innovative technology platform proposed by any presidential candidate.

His name is Lawrence Lessig. He’s huge in the world of innovation and copyright and has made his new issue that of government corruption. He is worth listening to, for he is so down with the struggle, and the readers of this blog know something about struggle.

Lessig is not out marching in the streets for prison reform, but he is trying to free all of us from the shackles of institutions which have so effectively choked off our access to our own democracy. The fact that he is so down for Obama is immense.

This video is 20 minutes, and I want you to watch it all. Then I want you to send it (and digg it and it’s on YouTube) to someone you know who says there is no difference of substance between Obama and Clinton or that they will “both bring about change.”

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