Hillary Clinton amazes me. She’s throwing a hissy fit over mailings the Obama campaign sent out claiming a) that she supported NAFTA and b) that her health care mandate could result in taking wages from workers. Check out this video, then meet me below…

Karl Rove tactics? “Since when do Democrats attack Democrats on universal health care?” Excuse me, but SINCE WHEN DO DEMOCRATS ATTACK DEMOCRATS ON THE ISSUE OF ABORTION??? I have heard from women friends of mine who are actually nervous that Obama won’t protect their right to choice.

Every time Hillary attacks Obama, she’s attacking him for something she herself has done. She has some serious nerve.

Here are some good links on Clinton and NAFTA:

Now, I’m no trade expert, and my understanding is that Obama is pretty free trade himself (he was supportive of the recent Peru round), but this issue is specifically about Hillary’s false indignation.

I don’t have time now to get into the health care thing, except to point you to Obama’s site defending elements of his plan under attack from Hillary and pointing to this reference from her about taking people’s wages.

The truth is that their goals are quite similar. Their approach is different. He focuses on reducing costs more aggressively and about having a transparent process so fewer shenanigans can go down. She’s focused on mandating universality (and also reducing costs BTW). Having just moved from Massachusetts where that plan seems to be tanking, I’m more skeptical of of her plan, but basically I don’t trust any sense of emotion or anger coming from Hillary Clinton right about now.

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Update here’s Obama’s response

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