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Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed me grabbing TV clips way faster and more precisely than YouTube allows. I’m using this service from a company called Redlasso, and it’s the hotness!

I’ve used it to grab Michelle Obama and Oprah’s “I am a FREE woman” comment

Here’s how it works. I can search for TV clips over the past two weeks from most national cable news stations (including Univision, BBC and PBS) as well as broadcast TV stations and AM radio stations in several major cities. I can search by time as well as by words spoken. I found that Hillary Mexican boy clip by searching CNN for Hillary Clinton and El Paso.

I’ve found clips in two ways: 1) watching TV myself (rare) and 2) getting a tip from a friend. Now I want to expand that to the readers of this blog. Collectively you watch way more television than I do. I’d like to enlist you as spotters.

If you find something you think would be of interest to the readers of this blog, holla.

It’s most helpful if you can provide

  • the TV network
  • date and time of what you saw
  • some phrases and especially proper names that you heard

In fact, I’ve set up this form (not a wiki this time :)) which should be SUPER easy for you to fill out. Bookmark the page, and next time you see Bill Clinton shove his foot in his mouth or some news anchor attack Hillary unfairly or a CBC member selling us up the river submit it.

It doesn’t need to be just about this campaign. There are still other things going on in the world, though we’ve been obsessed with the election here.


let’s see what we find. your comments and emails have definitely made this blog better, even and especially when you disagree or correct us. Keep it coming!

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