So here’s a preview of how the Republicans will be attacking Obama if he wins the nomination — using other black folks as vehicles for their own hateful messages. They know they can’t get away with minstrelsy so they have to hide behind black people they’ve hired to do their dirty work. Hat tip to No More Mister Nice Guy and alert reader Akilah on this one.

I think it’s instructive to share the whole transcript with you straight off Racist Rush‘s own website. “Bo Snerdley” is really a poor sad lost brother named James Gordon whose day job is to act as Limbaugh’s call screener. Emphasis mine to denote the regular version of their Obama critique and the head-shaking “translation for EIB brothers and sisters in the hood.” Enjoy the demeaning mixture of racism, sexism and Ebonics in that part.

RUSH: Barack Obama was on our San Antonio EIB affiliate WOAI with anchor Jim Forsyth. Forsyth said, “Senator Obama, what’s your feeling on this picture incident,” where you’re dressed up out there like Bin Laden, “and politics like this?”

OBAMA: I think the American people are saddened when they see this kind of politics. Everybody knows that whether it’s me, or Senator Clinton, or Bill Clinton, that when you travel to other countries, oftentimes they ask you to, you know, try on a traditional, uhh, garb that has been given as a gift. Uh, the notion that the Clinton campaign would be trying to circulate this, um, as a negative, uh, on the same day that, you know, Senator Clinton was scheduled to make a speech about how we repair our relationships around the world, uh, I think is sad.

RUSH: We turn now to the Official EIB Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley.

SNERDLEY: This is Bo Snerdley, Official EIB Barack Criticizer, African-American, certified black guy, black enough to criticize. I have a statement: “Senator Obama, your reaction to the release of the picture showing you in native garb with your extended family in Africa was…regretful. While the motives of the Clinton camp in disseminating the image are clear, your response was baffling. Instead of acting wounded, whining, and like you’re ashamed of the photo in the first place; it would have been wiser for you to take pride in the photo. Explain that world leaders, such as yourself, often wear the traditional garb when you visit foreign lands — especially if you’re visiting your family! You could have also dug up the pictures of both Bill and Hillary Clinton attired in similar African garb while they were pretending to be the black president and first lady. Bad form, Mr. Obama. You need to develop a much thicker skin, and not fall for Clinton tricks.”

Now, the translation for EIB brothers and sisters in the hood. “Yo, oh! What’s up with you acting dissed when they only rolled out a shot of you with your African garb. Yo! You were in the mother land with the peeps. That was lame, yo! These are your peeps. You were stylin’. Instead of acting dissed, you shoulda rolled out large and told Clinton and everybody else what was up. This is what the big dogs do, yo, not like Bill faking it, putting on some kente cloth when he goes to Africa, then forgetting all about the home boys when he comes back home. Like that. You shoulda also told Hillary: ‘Yo, baby, maybe if you dress up in some costumes and get out of that bumblebee outfit, you might keep your man at home for a change.’ Okay? You feel me? Don’t fall for Clinton ‘trickinology,’ bro.” That concludes this statement.

RUSH: That’s Official Obama Criticizer Bo Snerdley, ladies and gentlemen, here at the EIB Network. Bill Clinton also wanted to weigh in today…

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