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This is very important.

I almost forgot. In my post early this morning about Sheila Jackson Lee’s comments, she referenced her bill, HR 4545, which would mandate equal sentencing for crack and cocaine. She also talked about an early release program.

Here’s the video of Sheila Jackson Lee again. Skip to minute six.

It’s a good idea. Too bad her candidate, Hillary Clinton, has attacked Obama for his support of that very idea. There’s more coverage here of Hillary’s failings on this important matter of justice for black people and indeed all people. Of course, Bill Clinton blew his opportunity to do more for black folk besides play the sax and appoint us to cabinet positions when in 1995 he failed to stand up for equal sentencing. Sure, Bill apologized for slavery, but he also launched the unfair imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of black people.

And in case you think I’m just in an anti-Clinton mood, check out the positive work Obama has done and proposed on this issue. Just words??? How can the Congressional Black Caucus, the so-called “conscious conscience of the Congress” ignore this central issue for black people?

This is why folks are hating on CBC support of Hillary Clinton. It’s not because we think they have to support Obama just because they’re black. It’s that their support of Clinton ignores her record and her campaign’s race-baiting attacks in this campaign.

As commenter Nquest put it

To me, it’s a matter of principle and, Jack, that’s where I draw the line with SJL, etc. As a matter of principle, they should challenge Hillary on the race-baiting, to apply pressure to make her understand vs. defending her blindly without holding her to account, OR they should respectfully reconsider by either withdrawing or switching to Obama if they feel so inclined.

But staying with Hillary and pretending like her diarrhea don’t stink should never be what principled Black people do. And that sexism stuff was as forced and “aloof” as Hillary’s strained and reluctant, half-azz apology. “My husband apologized for slavery…”

Hell at least write her damn speeches and tell her how to respond to questions about her campaign’s race-baiting because Hillary f-cked that up going off on her own. I mean, if you’re not going to be any good as far as Black people are concern in terms of ensuring that they (we) are okay with where you stand… at least straighten your girl out.


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