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I’m on a lot of Obama volunteer lists here in NYC and was forwarded the following letter. I spoke with the author, and he encouraged me to spread it. It reminds me of the post from Queen of Spain on Feb 12 asking Hillary to step aside.

The difference here is that the author, Paul Newell, is a New York resident and candidate for the state assembly.

Senator Clinton,

Thank you for your years of hard work representing New Yorkers. I have proudly voted for you twice. Thank you as well for your hard fought Presidential campaign. American democracy, and the Democratic Party in particular, require the dynamic exchange of ideas that this primary season has brought. It has been exciting and inspiring to have a woman and a New Yorker contest the Presidency so credibly. We are a stronger nation and party for your candidacy.

But that time has past. After Senator Obama’s 10 straight wins this month, no realistic path remains for you to win the nomination without thwarting the clearly expressed preference of Democratic primary

voters. While it is clearly your “right” to continue this debate until the convention, as a New Yorker and a Democrat I ask you to withdraw.

The campaign has become increasingly negative. I fear that you are permanently damaging your relationship with Senator Obama, the likely nominee of our party, and the likely next President of the United

States. Poisoning this relationship will not only harm our party, but may harm New York State as well. It may also do harm to the goals of social justice and working families for which you have worked for so many years.

In light of that, I ask you to end your candidacy for President this week. I look forward to your continued representation in the Senate. Thank you.


Paul Newell

That’s about the most respectful request I’ve heard for her to withdraw, and Paul makes excellent points. For all Hillary has done to incite people like me to strongly dislike her, most New Yorkers I know think she’s been an excellent Senator, and Paul reminds her of this. Just as Bill has done damage to his reputation (and possibly the good causes he’s be working for these past years), by going so negative, Hillary risks the credibility of her own position, the health of the Democratic party and the prospects for the nation.

Thanks Paul, and good luck with your campaign. BTW, I’m not too up on NY politics just yet, but it seems to me it’s not the easiest thing to be running for state office and be openly asking for the junior senator to step aside.

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