My people, I have spent some time arranging these clips, so look hard and remember well. There are several, but it’s worth it to sit through them.

First up. Around noon, Stephanie Tubbs Jones somehow fixed her face to say that “you can’t change the rules just because they favor your candidate.” Obviously, there’s not much love for her on this blog. I’ll limit her to 2 minutes. Watch this.

Next, Sheila Jackson Lee in a short clip about how she’s not against anybody but rather the CBC is for somebody. Watch (2 minutes).

Now, a longer segment from SJL really workin it for Senator Clinton. Her key points include Hillary’s experience and background which “cannot be challenged” plus the inappropriateness of challenging people’s blackness who don’t support Obama. Finally she closes talking about how significant sexism still is and how Hillary’s nomination would also be historic (check the crowd shot when she says this). This is about 8 minutes. Sorry for the length, but take the time if you can.

My take on some of her comments.

I am a bit disturbed that folks who support Clinton would have their black credentials challenged. I hesitate to be so heavy-handed in judging the average citizen supporting Hillary because I know what it’s like to have your blackness called into question, and I hated seeing people do it to Obama.

My issue is not with the average (uninformed) citizen, however. You can support Hillary on her merits. Although I call her “35 years of experience” into question, what I really have a problem with is her claiming “35 years” while only giving Obama credit as a “first term Senator.” And I do believe there are legitimate reasons to support her for some of the work she’s done and the plans she’s laid out.

What I find unacceptable, however, are those black leaders who came out early attacking Obama, questioning his blackness, making insane claims about the blackness of Billary and refusing to see the racial ugliness the Clinton campaign (and not just Bill) injected into this race.

And Ms. Lee, don’t tell me not to get angry!

When I’m being told that my legitimate observations are actually orchestrated by the Obama campaign or that votes for my candidate don’t count as much as votes for yours and when you can’t even bother to congratulate my candidate for his repeat and landslide victories, I’m going to get angry.

When your candidate says my candidate is acting like George W. Bush and Karl Rove and yet falsely accuses him of refusing to take a stand on choice even after being corrected on this lie, I am going to get angry.

When I’m told that my candidate is full of nice speeches but no substance, that he’s peddling false hopes and that my well-considered and informed support of him can be explained away by my mindless membership in a cult, I am going to get angry and my anger is justified and you are in no position to deny the validity of that anger. Okay??

The fact is that many supporting Hillary have not merely been for her. They have been part of a systematic effort to destroy Obama and the hope and participation he has helped inject into this campaign. What kind of jackass runs against hope anyway!?

See what you made me do? Now I’m even angrier because you’re telling me I don’t have the right to be angry.

The final clip is from Al Sharpton who does a fantastic job, really, in delivering an on point, intense rebuttal to the half-truths and lies perpetrated by Tubbs Jones and Jackson Lee, and he does it in just three minutes.

Man, it’s 2am. It could be a full time job just responding to b.s. with information. I’m so tired yall. I’ll be back tomorrow with clips from Dick Gregory, Bill Simons and Eddie Glaude.


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