The Washington Post ran an article about the two messages and styles of Bill Clinton vs. Michelle Obama. Yall already know where I stand on a return of Bill to the White House (please no!), but there are many positive reasons to prefer Michelle.

Our own rikyrah has been a big Michelle supporter for some time. You can check out all of our Michelle Obama posts and get a glimpse here:

I love this woman!

I tried…I really really tried to be a ‘skeptic’. I tried being cynical, hardened, jaded, and ‘too smart to fall for this’. I really did.

But, Michelle pulled me in.

From the moment she took the stage, she commanded it. There’s something about her; something so earthy and grounded, and REAL, that she connects with you immediately. As she spoke about growing up on the South Side of Chicago, and how she spoke of her father, and the example that he and her mother provided for her and her brother, it was as if she was talking about my father, and any number of Black men that I knew growing up.

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