I swung through memeorandum (where I get a pulse of political news) and saw this headline “Michelle Obama: I Would Have To Think About Supporting Clinton If She Is The Nominee” over at TalkLeft which then included this video

That’s a very provocative headline sure to grab other people’s attention, but someone in the comments pointed out that the video seemed to be prematurely clipped, so i decided to fetch the entire segment. See below.

Now it seems to me, Michelle was saying she’s not sure if she’s going to be barnstorming for Clinton in terms of speaking and actively campaigning for her. As many on this blog have been saying, Clinton won’t necessarily get the support of Obama folks because she’s run an unnecessarily nasty and dirty campaign. Then Michelle was like, “oh please don’t let this crazy media go blow up what i just said – we’re all working for the same thing, etc etc.”

What do YOU think of her comments?

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