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It’s so funny to see a Democrat display such open contempt for the will of voters. For Hillary, some votes are more equal than others. First, watch this madness on CNN:

Then check out Markos at dailykos do what many have been doing in identifying the pattern of contempt and selective counting Hillary has done with the primaries and caucuses. The lady doth protest too much. aka. She’s whiny, and it’s really, really starting to bug the crap out of me.

More from Kos:

This post was inspired by a comment I read earlier yesterday, which I can’t find now, so apologies for the unsourced inspiration.

One of the hilarious side-effects of every Obama victory is the spin from Clinton quarters and its surrogates and supporters explaining why said victories “don’t matter”.

Iowa didn’t matter because it was a caucus state, and it’s undemocratic. Same goes for every other caucus state including Maine. The only caucus state that mattered was Nevada.

Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Alaska, and Utah don’t matter because they’re small Red states that Democrats won’t carry in November.

Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Louisiana don’t matter because they have black people. Expect the same spin out of DC this Tuesday. Black people don’t apparently count.

Washington and Minnesota don’t matter because they have educated white people.

In any case, Washington, Nebraska, and Louisiana didn’t matter on Saturday because everyone expected Obama to win them anyway.

Virginia and Maryland, assuming they’re won by Obama, will be a combination of the “black people” and “educated people” rationalizations. Throw a little of “Obama was expected to win anyway”, and you’ve got the trifecta.

Illinois doesn’t matter because that’s Obama’s home state. Expect the same spin when Obama wins Hawaii by double-digit margins in two weeks.

Missouri doesn’t matter because Clinton sent out a press release claiming she won it.

Colorado was a caucus state, so that leaves Delaware and Connecticut. Those are the only two states that apparently matter, giving Hillary Clinton a commanding 10-2 lead among states that matter.

Of course, everyone fires their campaign manager for losing states that don’t count.

Update: great Huffpo piece on the subject of ridiculous Clinton post-loss spin.

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