It’s one of the most immutable laws of the internet: people say the wildest, craziest, most ignorant shit imaginable. So it’s kind of busted when people like Bill O’Reilly or even Bob Herbert use anonymous comments to make points about large groups of people.

So I don’t think it really says anything about Hillary voters that their “community blog” sites have turned into Free Republic dot com, but I do think it says something about the Clinton campaign that they’ve let stuff like this stay up there. Undercover Black Man does his usual detective work:

Take Johnathan Andrew. His blog at yesterday featured a post titled “The Affirmative Action Candidate (Obama).”

“Do you know what the promotion of someone with lesser qualifications is over someone else with larger qualifications due to race, gender, color, ethnicity, or national origin is? It’s the very definition of Affirmative Action.”

It takes a brick stupid motherfucker to argue this point. Because even if say, there was some absurd system that awarded fake extra votes to Obama based on race, Hillary Clinton would still be getting more votes. Because white women (say it with me now!) are the primary beneficiaries of Affirmative Action. I know I say it like every five seconds ya’ll, but a lot of white folks out there really don’t want to believe it.

But maybe you just think Obama is a “thief”?

Blogger “DBP” had a post last Friday headlined “Obama the thief will make Bush & Nixon look like saints.” DBP wrote: “He is a liar and a thief! Stealing Hillary’s work and passing it of as his own.”

A different DBP post that same day was called “Obama is the modern day Pied Piper.” “He plays his flute and will lead his followers into dangerous waters where they’ll drown.”

Or maybe you think Obama causes “disease” (that’s original….)

Today, Hillary blogger TracyDuong posted “Obama – cause of disease.”

“The disease of addiction ruins people, their families, and their communities,” she wrote. “Obama is a dealer of the ‘dream solution’ and the ‘quick fix’. Reason is not required to buy his message. Obama addicts will wait in lines for hours, take time off of from work, to get their fix.”

Or maybe you think Obama’s secretly gay!

Now this one takes the cake. It was posted by “about time”: “Obama was seen in gay bars in Washington DC.”

“I think Obama may be gay,” this idiot wrote. “[H]e is a married man with children and he is pretending to be the savior of everyone’s soul, so claims his wife Michelle. …

For those of you who want to compare him to David Duke, there’s this poor soul:

Blogger Chasmo calls his entire blog “An Obamination!” On Monday, Chasmo posted “An Obamination, Part IX (You wouldn’t vote for David Duke, would you?),” which rehashes old attacks about Trinity United Church of Christ, which Obama attends.

I’ve said this before: conservatives do not have a monopoly on racism. At it’s core, racism is a neurosis that attempts to prop up the ego and conscience against what people know in their hearts to be true, and that’s why it continues to be the weapon of the desperate and insecure. And there are plenty of desperate and insecure people in this country of every political stripe.

UBM points out that Obama’s community blogs don’t contain any of this sort of stuff, and says:

It seems to me that both candidates’ fan blogs say something about their campaigns. The Obama fans are enthusiastic, optimistic, focused on business. The Clinton supporters – a good number of them, anyway – are negative, nasty… and spinning their wheels in the mud.

Maybe. But I actually think that the Obama campaign just moderates their site better. There’s nothing that suggests to me Obama supporters can’t be as nasty, though Hillary supporters argue breathlessly that they are worse, as though this was something that could actually be determined.

I think whomever moderates the blogs at Hillary Clinton’s website either hasn’t noticed or doesn’t mind hosting some of the worst ideas from the Right Wing smear machine, because their candidate is losing and they want something to stick.

Like I said…racism is for the desperate and insecure. My fear is as Obama becomes more and more successful, there are going to be a lot more people with fragile egos that couldn’t handle the idea that of a black man being president.

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