We get the best comments on this blog, and half the time it’s better than what we write in the articles. The following was just posted by an anonymous reader, and I thought everyone should get a chance to read it.

Hey all. I have to say as a white girl who grew up in a 99.5 percent white small farm town in the heartland it made me so proud of us in the Midwest and Great Plains for going with the absolute best presidential candidate in Barack Obama and not falling for the Clinton “experience” B.S. the way that those in Arkansas and the left coasts did and not getting tripped up by any of the nonsense about Obama’s church or name.

What Obama has done is so remarkable though I’m not sure if the media doesn’t pay attention to it because they are racist so much as they think us in the fly-over states are rubes who don’t count for anything so us demanding Obama as the nominee doesn’t count as much as those in California or Massachusetts choosing Clinton. But I got to tell you as someone who has lived her whole life in middle America what Obama did is pretty amazing.

While my father never used the n-word the way his father (my grandpa) had, ten years ago my father was still so bad about race he wanted me to promise I would never bring home a black boyfriend (some of my female friends were going with black guys from the bigger town about a half hour away) and this was before I was even dating ANYONE and I was so enraged by that I hated him for years until our relations thawed somewhat when I went to college and we finally started talking about things and understanding each other.

Well guess what? Out of the blue a couple months ago my dad, who not surprisingly was a Republican, was talking to me about politics and he informed me that he was thinking about voting for Obama because we just need “total change.” He asked me for information about him (although along the way I had to disabuse him of more racist constructs when he would tell me how Obama is not an “Al Sharpton type” and I’d explain how unfair that is to distinguish Obama that way rather than just judge him as his own person but by the end I think he got it) and I even got my mom to switch over from Hillary to vote for Barack too.

Barack Obama got my dad to cast his first Democratic vote for president ever so I got to vote the same as my dad for the first time ever! And this is not because he just wants to vote against Hillary. He wants Obama to be president over John McCain or anyone the Republicans would run. Barack Obama is changing this country and no matter what happens win or lose this country will be better for Barack Obama’s candidacy.

Keep up the good work on this blog.

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