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Well, Derrick is at it again. I guess I can stop claiming him since YouTube has sort of set this brotha on another level with his two videos so far. (For anyone new to the Internet, Derrick answered a man-on-the-street question about Obama a few weeks back, and that video is near 600,000 on YouTube now, plus his response is over 170,000).

So what’s next? Rather than create some punditocratous platform for himself (I kid because I love :)), he’s hoping to demonstrate that he’s not alone among young voters willing to spit substance about their stance on a candidate or issue.

Every week, citizens will upload their statements and submit to a voting process. The winner will get a $100 donation made to their candidate, and hopefully we all get a more informed, articulate election year discourse.

Check the new video, and then Take Back The Mic

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