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I was reading Salon and found a lengthy article by a Rebecca Traistor who claimed to be torn. She claimed to be very informed politically, and yet was able to write the following sentence with apparent ease:

“She provides a steel-solid track record, he a nimbus of vague hope.”

That sounds an awful lot like a decision coming from someone undecided, and so I decided to post a comment on the site about it. Here goes:

Obama is NOT a “nimbus of vague hope!”

you wrote “She provides a steel-solid track record, he a nimbus of vague hope.”

It bothers me so much when people say this, especially people who claim to follow politics closely. All it takes is a simple click over to and then the “issues” section, and you’ll see the well-thought-out, detailed plans. Just because Obama is one of the greatest public speakers in the country does not mean he lacks substance nor that his belief in hope is vague. You have the ability to ascertain this for yourself, but you seem satisfied to adopt the ill-informed attitudes of the Clinton campaign in this area.

For track record, Obama has had more time in elected office, being accountable to voters, than Sen Clinton. Her experience can hardly be said to obviously outshine his.

Finally, I look at the manner in which each has conducted his and her campaign, and it’s hands-down Obama, for he did not send out mailings questioning Hillary’s commitment to a woman’s right to choose, nor did he go back on his word not to campaign in Michigan or Florida, nor did he attempt to disenfranchise voters in Nevada once it looked like Hillary might win, nor did he use race-baiting tactics in an attempt to undermine her.

Republicans may try all of these things, but I have a higher standard for Democrats, and I hope you do as well.

There are substantive differences between these two candidates. Obviously, I see them as making the case for Obama, but it’s simply false to assert that he is a “nimbus of vague hopes,” and it frightens me to see even “informed” people wielding such ignorance.

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