Color of Change is a Civil Rights Organization 2.0. It’s a MoveOn style group for African-Americans and the people who love them. So I was very interested in their presidential poll results. It shows what those who are interested in issues affecting African-Americans (which are actually issues that affect all Americans for realz). They had a lot of respondents and next go round, I’d recommend that they consider releasing state by state results.

I don’t know about your family but in mine, there’s a pretty big generation gap and my moms is ready to beat my behind for supporting Obama over Clinton. She thinks he’s just a pretty face and that America is in danger of making another grave error in judgment. If you look at the age breakdown for CoC’s results, even those who are pushing for change using online means are more likely not to support Obama as you move up the age scale. It’s interesting. There’s also stronger results for Latino members than you might expect from recent press coverage for Obama though it’s clear that Clinton has loyal constituents among that audience and among other minorities.

You can catch the age breakdown here. Between 26-35 year olds and those 30 years older, there’s close to a 15 point spread in terms of a declining level of support for Obama.

Here’s the racial breakdown:

Black members

Obama 85%
Clinton 7%
Edwards 1.5%

White members

Obama 54%
Edwards 24%
Clinton 10%

Latino members

Obama 58%
Clinton 22%
Edwards 12%

Asian American members

Obama 64.9%
Clinton 16.2%
Edwards 9.5%

Mixed race members

Obama 68.3%
Clinton 11.9%
Edwards 9.5%

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