Hat Tip: a JJP reader

Leave it to the Brits to tell us THE TRUTH.

From the London Times:

Clinton’s camp has been circulating stories criticising the “cult” of Obama in the hope of portraying “Obamania” as a mass delusion. Media Matters, a watchdog organisation sympathetic to Clinton, compiled a report headlined, “Media figures call Obama supporters’ behaviour ‘creepy’, compare them to Hare Krishna and Charles Manson followers”.

It was forwarded by Sidney Blumenthal, a top Clinton adviser, to select reporters. The campaign entered a nasty phase last week with the determination of Clinton’s team to revive delegates from the “ghost” primaries of Michigan and Florida, by legal action if necessary.

Read the rest of the article detailing how the Clinton camp has decided on a ‘ bully’ strategy. But, as I wrote down below, I had no doubt as from where the latest Anti-Obama Memos were originating.

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