Senator Barack Obama has won:
Washington Caucus
Nebraska Caucus
Louisiana Primary
U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

Washington Caucus Results
Obama – 67%
Clinton- 31%

Nebraska Caucus Results
Obama – 68%
Clinton- 32%

Louisiana Primary
Obama – 57%
Clinton- 36%

U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus
Obama – 90%
Clinton – 8%

Delegate totals from the states- from DailyKos:



66 delegates
23 Obama
15 Hillary
18 still unassigned

Obama’s projections was for a 31-25 take in Louisiana.


24 delegates
16 Obama
8 Hillary
2 still unassigned

Obama’s projection was for a 15-9 take in Nebraska, so he got an extra delegate.


78 delegates
52 Obama
26 Hillary

I shifted from CNN projections to that of the Washington State Democratic Party chair’s estimate. The number is tentative until confirmed. Obama’s projection was for a 49-29 take in Washington, which would mean an extra three delegates from what he expected.

US Virgin Islands

3 delegates
3 Obama
0 Hillary
0 still unassigned

Obama’s projection was for a 2-1 take in the USVI, so these results would mean an extra delegate from what they hoped to get.

All in all, a nice night for Senator Obama. Wins in the Pacific Northwest, The Deep South, and The Heartland Middle.

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