Hey y’all — Color of Change has a petition running to encourage Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members (all of whom are superdelegates) to pledge their votes for presidential nominee and vote according to the majority of their constituents’ choice. Some of our elected, fearless leaders appear to be confused. Those handkerchiefs must be tied so tight that it’s cutting off the blood circulation and impacting their judgment calls. We might have to start naming names.

13,000 people so far have signed the petition. Please join me and let them know that we have the highest expectations for our leaders to um, actually represent the will of the people who elected them even if it means they might have to vote for a fellow African-American. (I can’t believe I actually have to type sentences like that. Lord. What is wrong with these people? That said, I certainly support CBC members who vote for Clinton if that is how their district voted overall. Fair is fair.)

Here’s the text of the petition (but please feel free to ad-lib your own haterade or fervent plea for democracy):

Dear Congressional Black Caucus Member,

Over the last several weeks, voters in CBC districts have spoken with clarity about their choice for President—they overwhelmingly support Barack Obama. But the clear mandate they’ve laid down is threatened by those in your ranks who as superdelegates may break away from their constituents to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The Congressional Black Caucus has worked hard to protect the political voice of Black Americans. You took the lead in 2000 and 2004, insisting that all votes be counted and that they count. Using your status as a superdelegate in 2008 to undermine the people’s will would be a tragic reversal.

I’m writing to ask that you use your power as a superdelegate to amplify the voice of the informed, engaged, and diverse electorate in your district and across Black America, not silence it. I urge you to make it clear that as a superdelegate, you will support the voters’ will.

We deserve elections determined by the electorate, not by insiders. And we need you to stand with us, as we speak in a strong voice about who we wish to see as the Democratic nominee.


Jill Tubman

Some folks such as BlackVoices/AOL have already written about this. Things could get hot here.

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