Oh Jesus. Oh Lord. She is lucky they’re holding me back, son!! I thought George W. Bush had large balls, but Hillary is proving to have the most massive pair yet. Take a look at this right here!

How do you come out attacking your opponent for “plagiarizing” language from a his own friend and political partner, and THE VERY SAME WEEK YOU COP HIS CAMPAIGN SLOGAN??? You know, the one that has inspired artists and citizens?

And you take that slogan and try to flip it into your own? You triflin’ bamma ass sucka! Is this what you’ve learned in your “35 years of experience?”


Damn, Hillary. You are so pathetic. Y0u can’t find a campaign message that sticks. Yet, you have inspired a brotha.

Yes we will see through your bullshit.
Yes we will turn the page on your race-baiting politics of division.
Yes we will vote against your lazy, unoriginal, hypocritical, shameless, tired ass.

I hate that you make me this angry, but you have some special abilities in that department. I did not start out disliking you. I was willing to listen, but all I hear is disingenuous, ugly whining and all kinds of garbage-spitting.

You like to talk big talk about how you are the one with solutions. I agree. The best solution you have to offer right now is to drop out of this race.


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