Forgive me if I think that this isn’t such an unusual reaction to black excellence, especially in sports, (I’m pretty sure Paul Robeson and Muhammad Ali got similar reactions, although not as a “joke”) but I think it’s been a while since anyone has vocally expressed something like this:

Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman has made a round of apologies after saying that young golf players should “lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley” as a way to compete with the most dominant player in the sport’s history, ESPN reported Tuesday.

Tilghman made the remarks during Friday’s telecast of the PGA Tour’s opening event at the Mercedes-Benz Championship.

I found this story only when prompted by an email from a reader. Maybe I’ve been overwhelmed with election coverage, but it seems to me that this kind of comment is a big deal and isn’t getting that much attention. Then again, I don’t want to give anyone any ideas.

I know that the comment was intended as a “joke”.


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