For those of you who think race isn’t a factor in the immigration debate.

Yes. Since Affirmative Action was passed, white people just can’t get into college.

Just so we’re clear, because I think most people still don’t know this, the biggest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action are white.

 La Raza (Spanish for “The Race, or The People) is not a Latino “supremacy group”. The meaning and intent of the group gets lost in translation, since most people associate groups with names like “The Race” with white supremacy.

It’s not very surprising that people who make the mistake of assuming La Raza is a racist group are themselves white supremacists. They’re only thinking about what they would do.

It would essentially be like saying the NAACP is racist because they “only want to help colored people”. But hey, people have been known to do that too.

It’s a pretty amusing catch-22. Or it would be amusing if it didn’t help ruin so many people’s lives. Conservatives love to tell minorities how we need to get our shit together, but when we form organizations to do just that, they call us racist.

Self-determination is one of those things only white people are supposed to have, get it?

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