Sometimes I actually hear people say — wow, I’d be really interested in what black bloggers might have to say about such and such an issue. If only I knew where to find some black blogs!

Well, search no further.

The Soul Clap goes to Wayne Hicks of Electronic Village.
Thanks for the update.
Below, find the proud and diverse members of the Afrospear, 116 members strong.

A Brief Flicker
A Political Season
Abstractions of a Bohemian Hippie Chick
Acting White
Africa Beat
African American Opinion and Social Networking
African American Political Pundit
African-American Health Network
African-American Opinion
AfroSpear Freedom Technology Christmas
AfroSpear in the News (ASN)
AfroSpear Think Tank
AfroSphere Newspaper
All About Race
American Journal of Color Arousal
Ancestral Energies
Backyard Beacon
Black & Missing But Not Forgotten
Black Agenda Report
Black Baby Boomers
Black in Business
Black Looks
Black Perspective
Black Radio Is Back
Black Smythe
Black Women in Europe
Bold As Love
CapCity’s Musings
Charcoal Ink
Clement Nyirenda’s Blog World
Color Online
Dallas South Blog
Dark Parables
DC Savvy
Democratic Afrosphere
Desperately Seeking Justice
Diary of a PhD Student
Discover Black Heritage
Eddie Griffin (BASG)
Electronic Village
Elle, Ph.D.
Ensayn Reality
Exodus Mentality
Exquisitely Black
Field Negro
Fige Bornu
Fort Wayne African American Independent Woman
Francis L. Holland Blog
Having Read the Fine Print
Home of the Mandimories
HomelandColors: African American Cultural Revolution
Human Beams
In Pursuit of Perfection
I’m Hip Hop
Jack and Jill Politics
James, Mos Def, My Brother & Me
JiveFood Left
JonesPC | Ramblings of an Urban Geek
Just Ask The Question
Just Ask The Question
Kudzu, Mon Amour
Latimer Williams
Lies Before Breakfast
Maat’s Feather
Make It Plain
Mirror on America
Mrs. Grapevine
My Urban Report
Nat Turner’s Revenge
Native Son
Nuvision for a Nu Day
On The Black Hand Side
Once Upon a Man
Otherside Media
Ove Analyze It
PACE: Daily Motivation for Entrepreneurs
Pastor Kyev Tatum
Police Brutality
Progress At All Cost
Prometheus 6
Race Wire
Republic of T
Rev. Rose
Rochelle Robinson
Ron Pettaway Justice Blog
She’s So Fly
Sistah Goddess
Temple 3
The American Journal of Color Arousal (AMJCA)
The Free Slave
The Graduate
The Jose Vilson
The SuperSpade
There… Already
Thin Black Duke
This Week in SRI
Truth About Kos
Vanessa: Unplugged
What About Our Daughters?
What Would Thembi Do?
Where The Hell Am I?
Wichita NAACP Blog
Writing is Fighting
Young Black Professional Guide

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