I’m also glad to hear that the lawsuit Clinton allies filed to disenfranchise members of the Culinary Workers Union has failed, but I think people are missing part of the point when they argue just that the Democratic Party is supposed to be against that sort of campaign tactic. It’s also that Clinton herself complained about voters being disenfranchised in the Iowa Caucus:

Clinton also faulted the caucus system for some of her troubles. She said that New Hampshire’s primary vote would be more favorable for her since working voters have all day to show up and vote and don’t have to arrive at a specific time required in Iowa under its unique caucus system.

In New Hampshire, Clinton explained, “you’re not disenfranchised if you work at night. You’re not disenfranchised if you’re not in the state.”

The Caucus sites in Nevada were designed by the DNC to make sure that didn’t happen. But once the Culinary Union endorsed Obama, all of that talk of voter disenfranchisement went out the window. It’s clear that Clinton cares less about protecting the right to vote than she does about protecting the right of Americans to vote for her. Who does that remind you of?

So far, the Clintons have tried to disenfranchise likely Obama voters in two states: students in Iowa and Culinary workers in Nevada.

What’s going to happen in South Carolina, where Obama is now poised to carry the black vote? Are we going to see some old school Dixiecrat action?

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