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I’m in a California hotel after giving a talk to students at the Five Colleges consortium in Claremont. (great students BTW).

I turned on Anderson Cooper, and he had Claire McCaskill and Stephanie Tubbs Jones on talking about Obama and Clinton, respectively. Tubbs Jones tried to act like Florida was such a big deal, blah blah.

Then it occurred to me what really bothers me about her:

Stephanie Tubbs Jones doesn’t close her mouth when she’s not speaking. Look!

There’s just something not right about that. That’s all I have to say in the mean department.

Elsewhere in thought land, I kicked it with a group from the school for several hours, and someone mentioned an idea I hadn’t even considered.

If Barack Obama used gender against Clinton in the way she used race against him, he’d be dead. Her folks calculated that you could dis black folks who stand at only 12 percent of the population. He can’t rightly dis over 50 percent of the electorate. Nasty.

I’m gonna be on a TV-less plane during the one -on-one debate tonight, so yall have to watch and take good notes for me!

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