Hat tip: heard this while watching CNN a few minutes ago.

This is from the Huffingtonpost.com

‘Liberal Lion’ Ted Kennedy To Back Obama
The Page Mark Halperin January 27, 2008 10:26 AM

Powerhouse Sen. Ted Kennedy is set to endorse Barack Obama for president.

The scoop was first reported by Time’s Mark Halperin and confirmed by CNN. Suzanne Malveaux reported:

“This is really big and very big for Barack Obama. Senator Ted kennedy…is a giant in the party. A Clinton campaign source told me the Clinton campaign is in fact expecting it. Already a senior aide from the Clinton campaign reacting on the record to the news that they expect. ‘They have been friends,’ Senator Clinton and Kennedy, ‘for a long time and Senator Clinton has a lot of respect for Senator Kennedy.’ … This is really kind of extraordinary when you think about the relationship between the Clintons and the Kennedys, the kind of personal relationship that the two have. Obviously this is a very big win for Barack Obama.”
Kennedy is one of two potential superstar Dem endorsements — the other being Al Gore. Read Halperin’s report here. Caroline Kennedy, daughter of JFK, endorsed Obama in a Sunday New York Times op-ed titled “A President Like My Father.”

Ben Smith reported earlier this week that the Clintons were concerned about Kennedy’s endorsement and were making a full-court press:

I do know, however, that Hillaryland is worried: Two sources say she’s directed a flood of calls the senator’s way, with everyone from union leaders to his Massachusetts constituents scrambling to stop what Clinton’s camp is worried could be an endorsement of Obama.

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