News was that Hillary Clinton got the endorsement of Rev. Calvin Butts in Harlem, but What About Our Daughters got some perspective from the ground which says all was not so smooth.

Some commenters here yesterday pointed out that the text of Obama’s speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church in ATL is available. Thanks yall. You make this job easier.

And the Huffington Post has this news about Bill Clinton exerting some last minute influence on Nevada caucus-goers:

Just minutes before local voters entered one of the controversial casino-based caucus sites at the Mirage resort Saturday morning, former president Bill Clinton made a surprise visit to personally lobby voters on behalf of his wife and to accuse her pro-Barack Obama union opponents of deliberately intimidating and misdirecting potential caucusers

The former president then entered the caucus site ballroom setting off a polarized, passionate exchange of shouts and chants between supporters of his wife Hillary Clinton and those of Obama, bringing forth charges from some voters that it was Clinton himself who was engaged in intimidation.

I don’t doubt the general idea that a Union would try to influence its membership to vote for the endorsed candidate. I do doubt that such flagrant intimidation as claimed by Bill Clinton would be seen only by Bill Clinton. After all, he is constantly followed by media and other folks. How is it he could see something going down that no one else has?

If I’m wrong, and there are independent reports of the CWA bullying Clinton supporters among its ranks, please correct me. But right now, it looks more like a case of a former president throwing his considerable influence around to intimidate voters himself then claiming it was really the other campaign in order to deflect attention.

It should be clear by now that Obama is running against two Clintons. My momma always told me a black person had to work twice as hard, but this is ridiculous.

Oh, and the Clinton Attacks Obama wiki is up to 30 incidents! The latest tracks the Clinton campaign’s attack on Obama’s pro-choice commitment in New Hampshire.

Update 9:17am
ABC News has video of Obama talking about his plan to directly confront Bill Clinton’s inaccurate statements.

Translation: Bill, you be lyin!!! And I don’t care if you were the president, if your momma was the president, if you’re still the president right now. I’m calling you out, son!!

Update 10:28am
DailyKos has lots of reports of election “irregularities” due to the Clinton campaign in NV. Go check it out, and let us know what you think.

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