New England white folks. I knew it! :)

I’m just playin.

Congrats to Senator Clinton. Now it’s officially on! She got 39, Obama 36 or 37, Edwards 17. Somebody tell Edwards to stop Barack-blocking! :)

Apparently women switched in the last 24 hours to support Clinton. Might have had to do with those tears. If so, that only works once. Perhaps not, though. Regardless of the reason, it looks like we have a real race on our hands between these two.

Interesting times my people. This is a reminder that you can take nothing for granted in this election, that none can afford complacency. Please make sure you register to vote in time for your state’s primary.

Link to voter registration is in the left column.

Oh yeah, McCain won too! Will be interesting to see how he plays in the Dirty South (carolina that is) in a few weeks.

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