Straight up. I am feeling so good right now. Talk about a repudiation. The Clintons got their asses handed to them. It’s Obama 55, Clinton 27, Edwards 18
One of our correspondents was responsible for turnout at a precinct in the county the Wall Street Journal wrote about earlier this week. She reported 689 votes for Obama, about 120 for Clinton and 25 for Edwards.
This was one of those areas where the Clintons had bought off some black preacher promising to deliver votes. Brotha man got paid, but the people didn’t follow.
Some notes
  • Obama won a plurality and majority of all voting ages except those 65 or older
  • Obama got the church-goers
  • Obama just owned the black vote, and across all ages. Blacks over 60 went to him 75%
  • Obama got 61% of the vote for those making less than $15K
  • Very interesting: Edwards pull more republicans (42) to Obama’s 37 and Clinton’s 20 but Obama got more indies
  • Clinton won on the top quality being “experience” (83 percent)
  • Oh and white votes: Clinton and Edwards 38, Obama 24
Oh, and Bill Clinton just doesn’t know when to shut his face. Seriously. Here is what this fool said

Another reporter asked what it said about Obama that it “took two people to beat him.” Clinton again passed. “That’s’ just bait, too. Jesse Jackson won South Carolina twice, in ’84 and ’88. And he ran a good campaign. Senator Obama’s run a good campaign here, he’s run a good campaign everywhere.”

The reference to Jackson seemed a way to downplay today’s result in a state where a majority of voters are African American. Clinton was also asked today about charges of race baiting, and defended himself by citing testimony from John Lewis and Andrew Young, who marched with Martin Luther King. “I don’t have to defend myself on civil rights,” he said.


Also, John Lewis and Andrew Young don’t speak for ANYONE anymore.

Ass. Kicking.

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