I am so tired yall, and I’m starting to take this election personally. I feel like I need a vacation, and we haven’t even gotten to Super Tuesday yet!

You’ve heard by now that Obama lost to Clinton in Nevada on a total percentage basis, but due to the weighting of votes actually won in delegates earned 13 to 12.

In percentage terms, it was Clinton 51, Obama 45, Edwards 4. (BTW, although Romney won on the GOP side in NV with 51, it seems pretty notable to me that Ron Paul pulled in second with 14 percent).

Looks like Clinton won due to women, older people and Latinos. (there goes Florida!)

Other noteworthy data:

  • 59 percent of democratic voters were female (Clinton won 51 percent of this)
  • 68 percent were over 45 years old (Clinton won these groups)
  • Obama won 83 percent of Af-Am vote (vs. Clinton’s 14)
  • Clinton won 64 percent of Latino vote (vs. Obama 26)
  • Clinton dominated Catholics and Jews
  • Support for Edwards among people who decided in the last three days was double (14 percent) that of those who had decided before then (7 percent), stealing mostly from Clinton
  • Continuing on this point, those wh0 decided on their candidate over a month ago heavily voted for Clinton (59), but those who made up their minds within the last month, week or three days went to Obama. Strangely, Obama lost among those who made up their minds on the day of the caucus itself.

Here are the detailed entrance poll results from CNN.

And below is an automated phone call that ran late in the week, which may just explain why those who decided on the day of the caucus decided against Obama. I really have no idea, but I’m disgusted by this tactic, whoever is responsible for it.

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