My people,

What an unbelievable election season we are in. It is so on till the break a dawn! The Clintons have lost their damn minds. Civil Rights OGs are coming out of the woodwork to dog a brotha. South Carolina is the place to be, and the world has reached peak oil production which means all these skirmishes pale in comparison to the poo poo that is about to hit the fan.

Here’s my own blogging plan for the next few weeks.

  • Just have it out about the relationship between black folks and the Clintons
  • Live from S. Carolina. A few folks I know are heading down to campaign, monitor voting procedures, etc. I’m planning to get dispatches from them. If you are down there or know people who are/will be, let me know so we can cover this madness. Would love some video footage too.
  • Bring up some positive things about Obama. I’m open about it. I support the man. I want to make sure at least I don’t get caught up in all the dirt and responding to rhetorical inanity from the Clintons. There are many reasons to be for the man. I want to spell more of those out.
  • A dose of reality. Campaigns are contagious infections of both hope and pessimism driven a lot by personality. I’ll be reminding all of us of the fundamental and structural challenges we face as a nation that almost none of the candidates are talking about in a serious way. Basically, we are super screwed, and whoever becomes president will preside over a nation in decline in many ways
    • We face the end of cheap energy due to peak oil production. This will be dreadful
    • The dollar is collapsing; the credit markets are collapsing; housing is dead and recession looms
    • Our economy does what exactly? We don’t make any of the things most necessary to our survival
    • Our food system is poisonous and completely unsustainable.

Update 3pm: I should add, I’ll also be posting on some things that aren’t so hot about Obama. I heard a solid debate on Democracy Now last week between Michael Eric Dyson and Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report. Ford raised Obama’s plans to expand the US military by 100,000 and asked, “what good does it do to put a black face on American imperialism?”

Solid question. I’ll try to work it out.

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