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Yo, next week is gonna be insane. During Iowa and New Hampshire, we were able to find some first hand accounts of the experience on the ground. I’m trying to prepare better for that this time.

If you know people who live in South Carolina or who will be traveling down there to campaign (for anyone) or observe, let us know if they’d be willing to share their perspectives. I don’t have people in South Carolina, so I’m hoping yall will help fill in the gaps.

Send me a note (jackturnerpolitics – at – gmail – dot – com) if you have some leads.

We have some folks signed up already including

  • A lawyer traveling down to monitor the election for shenanigans
  • An Obama volunteer going down to knock on doors

I’m also interested in finding bloggers and grassroots/local media perspectives, so if you know of a YouTuber, blogger, independent radio station, photographer, camera phone artist, podcast, newsletter, whatever hit me on email or drop a comment on this post. Forward this note to your people.

I don’t want our perspective here to be dependent completely on the mainstream media narrative, pollsters and others who may not have a damn clue what they’re talking about.

Let’s step up this new media thing another notch.

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