Huckabee – 34%
Romney -25%

I am thrilled by Huckabee’s win. Thrilled because Flipping Mitt tried to BUY the Iowa Caucus. He outspent Huckabee 20 -to-1.


And couldn’t seal the deal.

John McCain – a man who wouldn’t pander and has kept his stance AGAINST Ethanol Subsidies – came in THIRD.

Come on, Senator McCain. Kick Flipping Mitt while he’s down…win New Hampshire!


I liked Huckabee’s speech. Ok, I’ll admit it: I like Huckabee. I know people will post here talking about his policies, but I just like Huckabee. And, if the GOP Establishment thinks that he’s going away, they have another thing coming.

Huckabee has the common touch.

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