According to HuffingtonPost:

Hillary’s aides point to Obama’s extremely progressive record as a community organizer, state senator and candidate for Congress, his alliances with “left-wing” intellectuals in Chicago’s Hyde Park community, and his liberal voting record on criminal defendants’ rights as subjects for examination.

Along the same lines, ABC reported that Clinton aides gave the network various examples, of Obama’s controversial stands. The aides cited Obama’s past assertion that he would support ending mandatory minimum sentences for federal crimes, pointing to a 2004 statement at an NAACP-sponsored debate: “Mandatory minimums take too much discretion away from judges.”

Criminal Defendants rights?

Ending mandatory minimums?

We KNOW whose community those positions fall disproportionately to, don’t we?

I told you. I told you that she was going to use sending Black Men to the Prison Industrial Complex to get elected.

As I wrote in my post, Hillary Clinton Comes out AGAINST Retroactivity for Drug Sentencing:

Hell yeah, how about the communities that have seen their sons, grandsons, cousins, nephews and family friends, go to JAIL for disproportionate sentences since her HUSBAND helped usher in these disproportionate sentences in the first place.

What’s that sound?

Oh yeah,



Hillary Clinton has already told you, those of you who have someone toiling under these sentencing laws, or those who care concerned with Racial Disparity in Sentencing, that you can go f($* yourselves.

Don’t give me the 3-6-9 of well, ‘ she’s just saying this to get elected’.

Um, NO.

Not good enough here. Because, she’s willing to throw you under the bus and the PRIMARIES haven’t even happened…

It’s a pretty good indicator of where you will be IF she’s elected.

But, will those Hillary Mumblers find their voices and speak up on this? Or will they simply shuffle along, waiting for their crumbs?

The issue hasn’t changed. Hasn’t changed one iota.

I THOUGHT that this was going to be a position to be used in the GENERAL Election against the GOP. Now, she’s using it in a DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY?

Our Sista NMP will have the final word:

I just saw this on abc news, and I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to vent. Excuse my language, but any negro that continues to support Hillary Clinton after today is really fucked up in the head. The first OFFICIAL attack on Obama from the Clinton Campaign is on the issue of mandatory minimum sentencing, which has consistently been one of the critical issues of concern in the African American Community for over a decade.

It’s bad enough that she opposed retroactivity for crack cocaine sentencing, but this is a spit in the face to the African American and Civil Rights Community that have been working diligently for almost two decades to end the injustice of federal mandatory minimum sentencing that has been almost exclusively reserved for crack cocaine sentencing.

Is she saying the Supreme Court (which has now given more discretion back to federal judges), the Sentencing Commission, the NAACP, the Urban League, and countless other civil justice and legal justice organizations are wrong?

When will Black folks wake up and see these Clintons for what they really are?


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