Ok, so this past week and even before, we’ve had a lot of blog posts and even more comments pointing out how Hillary Clinton or members of her campaign have thrown questionable, wack or race-baiting attacks at Obama. A lot is getting lost in the mix, and I want single place where folks can read, edit or add to the list. This is an experiment. It could go horribly wrong. It could be amazing. There are more collective eyes and ears among yall than among the four of us blogging here, so I’m asking for some help and some trust.

I present, the Clinton Attacks Obama Wiki.

Click on over there, and read the idea, then get to work. The point is NOT to make ish up, take people’s comments out of context, etc. Some of the incidents have been mad obvious and others much more subtle. Still more have nothing to do with race, but are nonetheless wack. I dare say a few may even be legitimate.

Have at it.

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