Bob Johonson is the gift that keeps on giving, but not so much to the Clintons.

Johnson said that one of President Bill Clinton’s political strengths was his ability to connect with black voters, and that it is an ability shared by his wife. “This is a fight between who’s going to control the liberal soul of the party,” Johnson said. “The people who don’t like the Clintons have found the Clintons’ worst nightmare — a very dynamic, talented black man to run up against them.”

A “dynamic, talented black man” is the Clinton’s worst nightmare. Don’t forget that “the people who don’t like the Clintons” found him and presumably plucked him out of a spaceship somewhere in Kansas. He’s not a human being who is following the trajectory of his own life. Who could have possibly done such a thing? I blame the Jews. Everything is their fault, including Obama, who is an anti-Semitic Farrakhan supporter.

You heard it folks, from Bob Johnson, Clinton supporter. The crabbiest crab in a barrel that ever crabbed.

You know I bet you the reporter stopped Johnson right before he said “We have to make sure that America doesn’t produce any more of those.”

H/T Latoya

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