Hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan

So far, in Michigan, the African-American vote is going 69 percent for “Uncommitted” against 25 percent for Clinton. That’s a brutal judgment on the front-runner in the Democratic race. I wonder if the Clintons have badly damaged their own party in their attempt to quash the hopes raised by Obama.

More analysis from Huffington Post, and a link to the complete exit poll data

Interesting points:

  • Clinton owns the 60+ demographic with 68%
  • Clinton again captures those without a college degree (60%) and those with high school degrees (73%)
  • She lost independents (51 to 37)

Also, many Dems in Michigan decided to stay home altogether. For those who came out to register their opposition to Clinton, there may be many more who just didn’t bother because their votes didn’t count.

There’s more data in there. Feel free to add more or discuss in the comments.

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