This story comes to you from the “Why It’s Bullshit To Talk About Sexism Without Discussing White Privilege” Department:

White women are making far greater strides in the workplace than their African-American female counterparts, according to a recent report.

Following the story links NPR provides to Pink Magazine, where the story originated, there isn’t a full text available but there is this summary:

Are white women supporting their black sisters in the fight for gender parity? The small percentage of African-Americans among women corporate officers (5.9 percent in one study) suggests the answer is no. High-ranking women of color in PINK’s January.February issue point out that white women are, in fact, afforded many of the same privileges as white males. “White women need to remember to honor the covenant between all women,” says Sandra Finley, president and CEO of The League of Black Women. “They need to stop saying, ‘That could happen to anybody.’ The reality is that what happens to black women is different.”

This isn’t a matter of negligence, it’s a matter of betrayal. Women like Steinem are quick to invoke “the sisterhood” as a reason to vote for Hillary Clinton, but black women see few of the same benefits that white women do; yet they’re still expected to feel (and act on) gender solidarity with people who essentially ignore the issues facing them. Unless it involves some high profile figure like Imus.

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