This is from an inspired volunteer who just returned from South Carolina.

Here’s her report from the field working on behalf of Sen. Obama.

I am very tired after driving back from South Carolina (six hours), but, I would love to share with you my experiences. The people who gave me housing are republican voters, but as it turns out they are moderates and they care more about the United States of America than they do about being a member of a party. It was a wonderful experience! They actually housed three of us Sen. Obama supporters. My host and hostess told me that Barack Obama swayed them with his message about bringing this country together over party lines. They believe the party divides are hurting the country. They also told me that that if Hillary becomes the nominee, all those people Sen. Obama swayed to vote for him will go back to the Republican side and they will never vote for Hillary.

Very interesting!! I have also volunteered to go to other states.

What’s interesting about Obama is his crossover appeal and the ahem–hope, the classic American story he represents that any American can aspire to be president.

On hearing the news that Ted Kennedy might endorse Obama, she wanted to encourage him personally. We like to hear from our readers and to let them speak in their own words when we can. I agree with her notion that Sen. Obama offers incredible inspiration to younger generations (as does Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid for young women). I wonder if the Clintons truly understand the hurt and disappointment among many Democrats, especially minorities, that their recent racially divisive tactics have engendered. Here’s Angela’s letter to Sen. Kennedy (slightly edited for length):

Dear Sen. Kennedy,

I truly don’t know how much your endorsement of Sen. Obama would amount to, but, given your history I believe it would help him tremendously.

This letter to you is written by an American Indian who grew up in a small community where the Native Americans were very much biased against.

Why I write this to you is because I feel you might truly understand the importance of Barack Obama in ways that others might not. And I believe it is urgent for you to show your support.

I was born in 1949 into a community where the Native Americans were the less desirable people in town. In my early grade school years I can remember learning about the United States and the role of the Native Americans. I was the only Native American in my class and as soon as the history classes started every white classmate would turn and look at me as though I was personally responsible for “scalping” those “brave” white settlers who made the trek to the west coast.

I am a registered Democrat, today.

I just wonder if you and other Democratic leaders understand that there is a segment of us Democrats who are willing to vote against the Clintons come November (regardless of the scary threat of Supreme Court Justice appointments) because we see the hypocrisy of the Clintons claiming the works of Martin Luther King, yet willing to destroy a rare inspirational black leader in the process.

The Clintons are not just destroying Barack Obama, they are destroying for possibly generations, those children such as I was. The Clintons are destroying the lives of young chilren who might open up a history book and see an Obama. Within minutes if not seconds, those kids will get what thousands of people have been trying to instill in them over lifetimes.

I believe that if the Clintons truly believed in Martin Luther King’s dream, they would give up their bid for the White House and support Sen. Obama.

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