The Republican Field of 2008.

In watching the GOP Field of 2008, it’s like watching Alice in Wonderland, because so many things that just go in opposite of everything we supposedly knew about the GOP has been turned on its head.

The GOP used to be about ‘ authenticity’. They cherished ‘true believers’ above all else.

That is why Flipping Mitt and Rudy having ANY sort of a chance makes absolutely no sense.

Mitt Romney

Flipping Mitt is the most phony, plastic politician that I’ve ever seen. He has no core. He has no set of values, except for that he believes he should be President. That’s the ONLY value he has.

He was against abortion until he became for abortion to win Governor of Massachusetts before he became against it again because he was running for President.

Pick and issue, and you’ll see the same flip-flop all over the place.

He lied on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He’s a total fraud.

He is a phony. Not only is he a phony, but he’s a phony who believes in the continuation of the Imperial Presidency, as his responses to the Boston Globe questionnaire about Presidential Power proves. If you believe in The Constitution, Flipping Mitt’s not your man.

EVERY PAPER that has studied Flipping Mitt in New Hampshire and Massachusetts has taken a pass on endorsing him.

If you want to read what those who know Flipping Mitt best TRULY think about him, try the Manchester Union Leader, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and Concord Monitor.

And, I guess, I’m suspicious of ANYONE who was part of a secret meeting last year with Conservative bigwigs including Dick Cheney. NO OTHER GOP candidate was invited to the meeting – only Romney? That’s enough guilt by association to cast yet another shadow on Flipping Mitt.

Rudy Giuliani


If the GOP nominates a pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-gun, thrice married MAYOR as their nominee…a few things…


Don’t even open the mouth to utter the words.

Rudy should be disqualified for many reasons,but if you only need one, here you go:

He’s welcomed, with open arms, into the busom of his campaign…


They are firmly ensconsed in Camp Rudy, and that kind of ‘ company he keeps’ should make you think more than twice about him.

And, it’s not just the ‘ Progressives’ who have a problem with Rudy.

This is what the AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE MAGAZINE thought about him.

Now, these are his OWN PEOPLE…his OWN PARTY…telling you which way is up…

So, that really leaves us with Huckabee and McCain.

Mike Huckabee.

I understand the appeal. He is a personable man, with an air of being comfortable in his own skin and making others at ease at the same time. While it’s clear that Huckabee is a Christian, and that his faith is the cornerstone to his approach to governmental policy, it is also quite clear that Huckabee DOES NOT define his Christianity narrowly to the issues of: Abortion and Homosexuals. While those issues are in there for him, they are NOT the central focus of his Christianity, and that is one of the problems that the GOP Establishment has with Huckabee. As long as they could throw red meat to the Evangelicals, by so narrowly defining Christianity on the lines of Abortion and Gays, knowing full well that they had no intention of really doing anything on either issue, it was ok.

But, Huckabee is NOT that kind of Evangelical. He is NOT that kind of religious conservative. In listening to Huckabee give a few speeches, I have realized why the man was able to garner over 40% of the Black vote. It’s because the Black voters in Arkansas saw that Huckabee was NOT a ‘ let them eat cake’ conservative. Listening to him talk about keeping in mind the poverty-striken young boy in one of the poorest parts of Arkansas when he made decisions, he was speaking to the Christianity that African-Americans were pretty much raised upon until this Prosperity Gospel came on the scene. It was a Jesus that helped those ‘least among us’.

Huckabee speaks a Populist message. He talks about those on ‘ Main Street’ who are experiencing the economic anxiety of the middle-class and working class. He doesn’t believe in unfettered capitalism without regards to the working man and woman. And nothing scares the GOP Establishment more than someone talking a Populist Message. Someone who isn’t following the ‘ let them eat cake’ model, which is why they are determined to stomp out Huckabee at all costs.

John McCain.

A candidate left for dead this summer has climbed out of the doldrums and back into the hunt.


Because, he finally became the John McCain of 2000 again. He may not be from central casting (a la Romney), or be a smooth talker (the Huckster), but there is something unmistakeably authentic about John McCain. It’s when he lost it that he walked away from who he was.

In their endorsement of McCain, the conservative Manchester Union Leader said the following:

On Jan. 8, New Hampshire Republicans will make one of the most important choices for their party and nation in the history of our presidential primary. Their choice ought to be John McCain.

We don’t agree with him on every issue. We disagree with him strongly on campaign finance reform. What is most compelling about McCain, however, is that his record, his character, and his courage show him to be the most trustworthy, competent, and conservative of all those seeking the nomination. Simply put, McCain can be trusted to make informed decisions based on the best interests of his country, come hell or high water

I think that’s the bottom line about McCain. You don’t have to agree with him on every issue. But, you can be certain that behind his decisions, there is a certain CORE there. He took his lumps in those debates because of his stances on issues that made him out of the mainstream with the party, but he took them because he believed in them. In debate after debate, John McCain would often provide the most ‘ HUMAN ‘ of moments in those debates, and they stood out because of his humanity and authenticity. In his Boston Globe Questionnaire, McCain stands up for The Constitution and the belief that the President is NOT above the law.

McCain has garnered the endorsements of the Boston Globe, Boston Herald,Concord Monitor and Nashua Telegraph.

I don’t root for John McCain because I think he’d be the easiest GOP candidate. In fact, I believe he’s the hardest GOP candidate. But, when I think of the possibility of a Republican President, he’s the only one that DOESN’T make me think the very foundation of this country would be in jeopardy with his win.

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