We’re back on NPR’s News & Notes with three topics in the queue. In addition to Jack & Jill, we’ve got Desmond Burton from Afronerd plus Carmen Dixon from All About Race.

The topics:

1. Is Al Sharpton the new go to guy for candidates? Does he speak for all black people? Why do high profile whites always go to him for advice? Check this article, and see Al gloat over his attention from the top three democratic candidates

2. Habari Gani! Do black people really know what Kwanzaa is? Can it coexist with Christmas in the African-American community? An article in Christianity Today.

3. Enough is Enough. Is there a cultural war in Black America? What’s up with the feel good black movies? Can they really change Americans’ perceptions of black folks?

As always, throw your thoughts down in the comment area if you have em/

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