The white nationalist group planning to march on Jena, Louisiana on Martin Luther King Day is suing the town because they contend local laws inhibit their First Amendment rights to run around like crazy people carrying automatic weapons.

A white separatist group planning a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in Jena is suing the town, claiming officials are violating the Constitution by asking participants not to bring firearms, changing the parade route by one block and requiring the posting of a bond.

The Nationalist Movement filed the federal lawsuit Dec. 14 and is seeking a temporary restraining order to keep the town from interfering with the Learned, Miss.-based group’s “Jena Justice Day” rally. Group officials claim the town’s rules violate their 14th Amendment rights to due process.


“When a group of, say, minorities or homosexuals want to have a parade, they aren’t usually required to put up a bond or pay for police or pay for cleanup,” said Barry Hackney, a spokesman for the organization.

The ordinance, Mayor Murphy McMillin said, has been in place for “many, many years.” All seven of the organizations that participated in the September rally complied with all the guidelines, town officials said.

You don’t understand. Without their guns they feel…terribly inadequate.

Among the demands of the constitution-conscious white supremacists is that they not be “heckled” during their march. It’s a typical Right Wing understanding of free speech: I can say what I want, but you can’t say anything critical of what I just said.

Not that the words “white supremacist” and “punk ass bitch” aren’t synonymous, but this is still pretty funny.

In an Oct. 15 letter to McMillin, Richard Barrett, an attorney for the Nationalists, asks the town for electricity for loudspeakers and electronic equipment, “adequate security,” restroom facilities, access to drinking water, “adequate and secure parking” and no noise from hecklers.

It’s all right. It’s Jena, after all. I’m sure they won’t even notice you’re there.

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