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A volunteer Hillary campaign chair in Iowa has been sending out a version of the infamous Obama/Madrassa email.

A day after the Hillary campaign hit the Obama camp for bullying voters in nasty phone calls, the Hillary crew has just acknowledged that an Iowa county chair volunteering for the campaign passed along the now-notorious email that smears Obama as a Muslim by repeating the false claim that he attended a madrassa as a child.

The Hillary campaign confirms that they are asking the county chair to step down from the campaign.

The accusation that the Obama campaign was engaging in “bullying phone calls” in Iowa may have simply been made to offset the at the time unreleased news that someone in the Hillary Campaign had been engaging in the worst kind of politics, this is really on the level of the “John McCain’s illegitimate black child” push polling that the Bush Administration was engaged in during the 2000 Republican Primary in South Carolina.

The Clinton campaign has disavowed the acts of the staffer, whose name appears to be Judy Rose, according to TPM:

So the Iowa county chair who was volunteering for Hillary and sent the Obama Muslim smear email has been identified: She’s one Judy Rose.

Judy Rose — or, at least, someone with the same name — is, or was, one of the members of the 250 Iowa women who are leading Team Hillary in that state.

I understand that Hillary didn’t order this, and that at least one person in her campaign was disgusted by the emails, but I’m not ready to buy the “rogue agent” theory being put forth by Taylor Marsh. Especially since while the staffer who denounced the email seemed offended, he didn’t feel obligated to inform his bosses that someone was sending out the racist email. I’d be more inclined to believe that only one person was involved or knew about what was going on if the Clinton campaign hadn’t gone after Obama’s Kindergarden essays a few days ago.

Greg Sargent offers this massive non-sequitur in defense of Clinton on behalf of Marsh’s interview with an Iowa journalist:

Obama has been the subject of a lot of different types of emails. But I should also say though that on a daily basis I get far worse emails accusing Hillary Clinton…the things I get told about Hillary Clinton on a daily basis are just so much worse.

Are Obama staffers sending those out? Then what exactly does it have to do with anything? How exactly does it matter that Clinton is the target of nasty emails, except to say that it somehow justifies someone in her campaign smearing another candidate? Have the rumors become so ubiquitous as to draw a front page story in the Washington Post? No.

Then what exactly is that statement, other than a bullshit rationalization for what the Clinton Volunteer did? Would Greg similarly defend a Republican campaign operative involved in a smear whose excuse was, “The things that get said about Romney are so much worse?”

Even if this person acted alone, the fact that a self identified progressive would believe that exploiting the racism of the smear email was an appropriate way to help their candidate says something about where progressivism is as an ideology. How different are Democrats from Republicans if they’re willing to exploit the same racist sensibilities to get elected?

Don’t be surprised if Republicans start accusing Hillary of being racist because of this, despite the fact that the Right invented the rumor to begin with.

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