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Money quote:

Clinton, who said she supports a federal recommendation for shorter sentences for some people caught with crack cocaine, opposed making those shorter sentences retroactive – which could eventually result in the early release of 20,000 people convicted on drug charges.

“In principle I have problems with retroactivity,” she said. “It’s something a lot of communities will be concerned about as well.”

Hell yeah, how about the communities that have seen their sons, grandsons, cousins, nephews and family friends, go to JAIL for disproportionate sentences since her HUSBAND helped usher in these disproportionate sentences in the first place.

What’s that sound?

Oh yeah,


This is a line in the sand, people.

And all those Hillay pushers, who have been mumbling about what ‘positions’ Obama has taken that are in line with the Black community.


He’s taken plenty of them, but here’s a gimme for you.

You want one, here is one.

Obama is for retroactivity, Clinton IS NOT.

Clear as day for me, and yet ANOTHER reason why I’ll never vote for her.


This initial post was written in the wee hours of the morning just after I had read about Clinton’s remarks. I haven’t changed my mind, in fact, I woke up pissed over this issue.

I have always had problems with Black Folks’ Loyalty to the Clintons, because, quite frankly, they didn’t deserve it. When the time came to expound any serious political capital on an issue that affected BLACK FOLK, the Clintons were, more often than not, M-I-A.

For those of us who see the Justice System as the ‘ Just-US System’, NOTHING could be a better example than the drug sentencing disparity, which has fallen on racial lines.

We are now on our SECOND GENERATION of Young Black Men being turned into fodder for the Prison Industrial Complex.

Bill Clinton had the opportunity to correct this 1995.

Yes, I said 1995.

Don’t believe me?

Here you go:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Clinton rejected the recommendations of the U.S. Sentencing Commission to equalize the penalties for crack and powder cocaine distribution Monday.

In a statement released by the White House, the president also refused the commission’s proposals to reduce the penalties for money laundering.

“I am opposed to both of these changes,” he said in a written statement.

In recent weeks, several black leaders including Jesse Jackson have complained that the penalties for crack cocaine are stiffer than those for powdered cocaine. They have pointed out that crack cocaine users are often inner city black youths while powdered cocaine users usually are more affluent white adults.

But in his statement, Clinton says “Trafficking in crack, and the violence it fosters, has a devastating impact on communities across America, especially inner city communities. Tough penalties for crack trafficking are required because of the effect on individuals and families, related gang activity, turf battles, and other violence.”

Clinton called on the sentencing commission to undertake further review of the penalties for powdered cocaine users.

He says his administration will continue to go “after drug traffickers at every level of their networks.”


TWELVE YEARS of Young Black Men churning as fodder in the Prison Industrial Complex.

TWELVE YEARS of those lives lost and dismantled.

TWELVE YEARS that simply didn’t need to happen.

Because Bill Clinton threw Black folk UNDER THE BUS.

And now, his wife, as already told you, those of you who have someone toiling under these sentencing laws, or those who care concerned with Racial Disparity in Sentencing, that you can go f($* yourselves.

Don’t give me the 3-6-9 of well, ‘ she’s just saying this to get elected’.

Um, NO.

Not good enough here. Because, she’s willing to throw you under the bus and the PRIMARIES haven’t even happened…

It’s a pretty good indicator of where you will be IF she’s elected.

But, will those Hillary Mumblers find their voices and speak up on this? Or will they simply shuffle along, waiting for their crumbs?

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