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This is the third and final installment of my series “Why I Don’t Support Clinton.” You can read part 1 and part 2 to witness the build-up.

Update 26 November: Jack & Jill Politics has been invited to participate with other black bloggers in TV One’s Heartland Presidential Forum. TV One will feature the voices of (and link to) several bloggers throughout the week as we blog on the presidential candidates. We bloggers will also blog during this Saturday’s Democratic Presidential Forum this Saturday December 1 at 2pm ET. I’m submitting this Clinton Part 3 ask our kickoff post to the week’s candidate series.

There are many groups that want Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee: the press, Republicans and many on the left who get all hot and bothered at the mere idea that Bill Clinton might even walk past the White House one afternoon and perhaps sign a piece of paper accidentally.

The Press

Don’t get it twisted. The press wants Hillary to be president, and not because it’s a liberal press but because its a conflict-driven, profit-obsessed, drama-addicted entity that has much more in common with the shameless lowlifes behind TMZ than it does with the integrity of Edward R Murrow. Nothing would sell more papers or gross ratings points than a return of the Clintons to the White House. They could rerun all the scandal footage and theories from the 1990s and double their output with special reports from today.
Hillary thinks she can handle the press scrutiny because she’s been through it before. I’m sure she can. What I doubt is America’s ability to handle the press scrutiny because we’ve been through it before, and it was exceptionally ugly and distracting. Also, that was the lite version of what would is likely to greet Hillary a full media-consolidated decade after their last turn at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The 1990s was a terrible time for American politics, divisiveness and the press. I don’t want to go through that again.


As ever-changing poll results are showing, the Republicans have yet to rally around a frontrunner for president. That’s because their frontrunner is Hillary. Mayor 9/11 himself could not motivate as many GOP voters to the polls as could the prospect of voting against Hillary Clinton. Although she represents the centrist Democratic Leadership Council, many on the Right see her as some sort of leftist rebel. Oh, the terrifying stories they will weave about how Hillary-care will force your child to experiment with gay relationships and speak only in Spanish.

If she does get elected, do you think for one second that the Right will allow her to govern? Without controlling Congress, this will be tougher, but all attempts to stop her administration will be made with full force. Charges of a liberal media, swift boat groups and more will come out of the woodwork to make sure absolutely nothing gets done. The Republicans cannot afford to have anything good come of a Clinton administration while Democrats control the House and Senate.

The Left

I asked my Dominican electrician who he wanted for president.

“Hillary Clinton,” he said.


“Bill Clinton! Anything to get him back in the White House.”

How many other Democrats are thinking this same way? Hillary is merely the vessel getting us our beloved Bill Clinton back. A big part of this series has be debunking the mythology surrounding Clinton. He was not a messiah. He brought us NAFTA, weak progress on energy, incomplete and thus unnecessarily cruel welfare reform, a centrist DLC attitude which had Democrats increasingly sounding like Republicans, abandonment of Rwanda and such a massive lack of sexual self-discipline that he almost got himself kicked out of office. If he’s the messiah, I’d hate to meet the anti-Christ.

What On Earth is Bill Clinton’s Job?

The Clintons need to stop being coy about Bill Clinton’s role in a Hillary White House. Will he be an ambassador to the world, as Hillary has suggested? Great, then that ought to be a lot of fun for her Secretary of State. General policy role? There goes the vice presidential job. It’s a classic case of too many cooks in the kitchen, and you don’t have to believe me, look at what Al Gore suffered through as he got trampled by Bill and Hillary’s outsized ambitions and personalities in the 1990s.

I strongly recommend you read the entire November Vanity Fair article which is a book excerpt from the forthcoming White House Civil War. It provides impressive insight into the White House tensions between the Clintons and the Gores. You had Al competing with Hillary for Bill’s attention during the first and part of the second term. And Al’s presidential campaign was undermined both by Hillary’s selfish Senate run and Bill’s damaging infidelity and backstabbing remarks to the press.

A sample:

Gore was the one most affected by Bill’s reliance on his wife. It was a given in the White House, as Chief of Staff Mack McLarty said, that everyone would “just have to get used to” the fact that Hillary, along with Bill and Gore, had to “sign off on big decisions.” But having what Clinton domestic-policy adviser Bruce Reed called “three forces to be reckoned with” added yet another layer of perplexity and rivalry to the West Wing, where advisers and Cabinet officers knew they could lobby either the First Lady or the vice president to reverse decisions by the president. David Gergen, counselor to the president in 1993 and 1994, called the “three-headed system” a “rolling disaster.”

See what I’m saying? Too many cooks.

Yet Hillary always had an undercurrent of competition with Al Gore that burst into the open from time to time. One day, when Gore and his team presented their plans for improving government efficiency, Bill asked so many questions that the meeting ran a half-hour too long. As a result, Bill was late for a session in the White House Residence with Hillary and her health-care advisers. Feeling snubbed, Hillary lectured her husband on the importance of health care. Bill “retreated a bit,” recalled a participant. “It took five minutes to get through that situation.… She was not pleased.”

People who support Hillary because of her “experience” really need to think about whether we want to relive the “experience” of an unmanageable White House. There is no experience for having two presidents in the White House, living together. It’s completely uncharted, and if the rough approximation that is Bill Clinton’s White House is any indicator, fraught with counterproductive conflict.

Rather than being focused on making sure we’d continue to have a Democrat in the White House, Bill became obsessed with getting Hillary into the Senate. He pretty openly acknowledged that he owed her for being such a disrespectful, back-stabbing husband. (BTW, to all my ladies on the Left, please stop adoring this man. He’s a bad guy when it comes to respect for you. Infidelity is not sexy.)

In his practical and optimistic way, Bill saw the Senate candidacy as a prize for Hillary, a lifeline for him, and a salve for their marriage after her humiliation over his sexual affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, which had been sensationally revealed the previous January.


As a sitting president, Bill was in a unique position to boost his vice president’s candidacy by scheduling White House events to highlight his achievements. But in 1999 those resources were diverted from Gore to Hillary “in a big way,” said one member of the Gore team. “The Clintons come first. That was their basic framework.” From June through December, Bill and Hillary appeared at 20 events under the aegis of the White House, including a celebration of Hillary’s 52nd birthday, where in typical style Bill larded his tribute with statistics on welfare, poverty, crime, and economic growth as he touted his wife as a “genuine visionary” needed by the Senate—the ultimate confluence of the personal and political. During the same period, Gore was featured only at a White House Conference on Mental Health—with Bill, Hillary, and Tipper.

Gore was in an impossible spot. He could not use Bill that much because Bill was tainted, but he needed Bill’s confidence, advice and Democratic fundraising abilities to operate the strongest possible campaign. However, Bill and Hillary were blinded by the idea of a Clinton political legacy. Focusing on her campaign kept them from talking about his sins. Energy that could have gone into Al’s campaign was siphoned off into hers. Check this ish out right here!

Before Hillary officially established her exploratory committee, she began directly competing with the vice president for money, sometimes even at his own fund-raising events. When Tipper’s friend Melinda Blinken and a group of women planned a Gore fund-raiser in Los Angeles, Hillary insisted on being invited—over the objections of the event’s organizers. Hillary then shocked the vice president’s supporters by soliciting donations for herself in front of Tipper.

You see what’s happened here? It takes a special flavor of triflinity (yeah, I just made that word up yall!) to poach funds at someone else’s fundraiser, especially if that someone is your friend and political teammate. This is that single-minded ambition that throws so many people off. It definitely throws me off. Why? Because all the while, the Clintons are practically ushering George W. Bush into the White House, as if it were no big thing because Hillary would at least get to be a Senator.

Because of their greed and Bill’s wayward penis-fueled debt to Hillary, these two put her election to the Senate above Al’s election to the presidency. To me this is the greatest error in judgment of both Clintons. Would America have been better off with a President Gore or a Senator Clinton over the past seven years?

The worst case scenario if Hillary didn’t get that seat is that half of New York state is represented by a nobody named Rick Lazio. The worst case scenario if Gore didn’t win is that all of America is represented by George W. Bush who spends his downtime clearing brush and his office hours launching poorly planned, illegal, preemptive wars which drain the treasury, accelerate an already apocalyptic energy crisis, undermine nearly a decade of civil rights, environmental and safety regulations and forces Americans to pretend they are Canadians when they’ve scraped together enough worthless dollars to travel abroad.

All the hullabaloo about Hillary’s Iraq war vote would be moot, for there would have been no Iraq war under President Gore.

I don’t want either of these people running my country again.

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