That they did. Prometheus 6 points out NBC’s new report on black women wasn’t really about black women as much as it was about emasculating black men by showing how much we suck in comparison:

P6’s Conclusion:

It is to say I’m pretty damn tired of seeing Black men catch it in the neck. Black women have accomplished a lot; they have much to be proud of. Why can’t they just SAY that?

The condescension is twofold; there is a presumption that there is something intrinsically wrong with a social situation in which women fare better than men (as opposed to when men fare better than women, we like to call that “normal”) but the observation made about the achievement gap in this context also allows the viewer to look down on black men for being “inferior” to black women.

How could America miss an opportunity to point out black inferiority, even if it’s relative to other black people?

Oh yeah, and that 50 Cent song came out what, five years ago?

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