Here’s a post on John Edwards as part of our TV One presidential forum blogging partnership.

John Edwards must hold a record for walking picket lines in support of organized labor. Today he made an appearance in support of the Writers Guild of America strike, saying “This is part of the continuing effort to make sure that people who work hard for a living are treated fairly.”

Writer James Duff (The Closer, Enterprise, Felicity) summed up the significance of Edwards’ appearance: “It’s really nice when Senator Clinton and Senator Obama send a note expressing support. They’ve talked the talk. But John Edwards is coming to walk the walk.” (hat tip to Media Matters for the transcript.)

It was good to see John spreading the message that a) writers are not all fat-cat, rich Hollywood types and b) this issue is very much connected to the consolidation of our media landscape, which is bad for just about everyone: writers and citizens across the board.

Here’s a clip of Edwards at the strike.

I’m becoming more of an Obama man every day, but Edwards still holds strong appeal for me. He has “walked the walk” time and again in his quest to keep poverty in our national conversation after the subsiding waters of Katrina allowed many of us to conveniently forget. My mother, who passed away back in 2005, saw him on television and said simply, “he’s an idealist.” Friends of mine have a range of attitudes toward the former Senator.

One doesn’t buy what Edwards is selling. The smooth trial lawyer with perfect hair was just too perfect for him. “I just don’t trust that that dude really cares about poor people,” he said to me.

Another predicted that when all is said and done, Edwards has the best chance of winning the nomination. This friend pointed out that while Howard Dean was riding high as the outsider with big change, once in the voting booth, those Iowa voters got electability religion and decided to send a war veteran up against Bush. He sees Edwards benefitting from the same “electability math” when people realize they don’t really think the country will vote for a woman or a black man.

I wish we could do the bait and switch so familiar to black males trying to get a cab. Send Edwards out to hail the votes, but once the count is done, Obama slips in, like SIKE!!

Anyway, one can hope right?

What do yall think. There’s been so much fuss over Hillary vs. Obama, but Edwards will not go quietly into the night. Do you buy his poverty message? His strong embrace of unions?

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