In an excellent piece (and I’m not saying that because she wrote about Jack & Jill Politics or quoted me or used my photo :)), Vanessa Jones of the Boston Globe wrote a story titled “Blog is Beautiful: People of color challenge mainstream views online” which ran in today’s paper.

Here’s what I like

  • she doesn’t just focus on black bloggers
  • she doesn’t make the story about bloggers of color struggling for a seat at the table of “white bloggers” as so many other stories do
  • i think she captured a good part of the nature of blogging as a conversation and follows that conversation into posts, comments and the airwaves of mainstream media, showing blogger influence well beyond the blog itself

While I think all of us bloggers can, at times, get an inflated sense of importance thinking we are the revolution, there is no doubt that we’re an important part of it.

Keep on keepin on.

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