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Fat Cats Disproportionately Support Hillary, Everyday Folk Support Obama

The bulk of Hillary’s primary money is from people who contributed over $2300. Only a small proportion of her money came from small donors (those giving less than $200). On the other hand, the largest category for Obama’s campaign money is from small donors (those giving less than $200). That would be those of us who are $5, $10, and $25 people…and I give my $10 with pride.

Obama Size of Donations:

Under $200: $34,512,100

$200-$2299: $19,481,410

Over $2300: $25,268,200

Clinton Size of Donations:

Under $200: $9,460,880

$200-$2299: $23,504,390

Over $2300: $46,676,500

There’s nothing wrong with giving $2300 if you got it like that. However, when the “under $200″ category is disproportionately low relative to other candidates, it does raise some eyebrows. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about who is really not going to be beholden to the lobbyists and special interests.

I thought that this was interesting information, just to see how all the money shook out.

I have read numerous places about how Obama doesn’t connect with the ‘blue collar’ worker. Yet, those who only give a small amount to campaigns seem to be giving it to Obama.

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