Here’s an interesting video a reader sent in featuring Wade Henderson of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. Why do we see so much of Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton and so little of leaders like Wade?

Also, Color of Change is putting pressure on Gov. Blanco in Louisiana to nvestigate the actions of the racist District Attorney along with sending letters to the DA, Reed Walters himself. I mean, really — who pursues attempted murder charges over a schoolyard brawl that could have been punished at the school with suspensions, detention or other means. After all, the white kids in the case who hung nooses threatening all of the black youngsters in Jena received school-based discipline. Certainly, at most, the juvenile court system should have been enough.

If you agree, please take a moment to send letters supporting justice for the Jena 6.

Text from the petition:

Dear District Attorney Reed Walters,

It is your duty to enforce the law fairly and equally. Your handling of the case of “the Jena Six,” your disinterest in pursuing the multiple instances of white-on-black violence that preceded the beating of Justin Barker, and your threats to Black students protesting the presence of nooses on their campus, have been neither fair nor equal.

I’m writing to ask that you begin repairing the damage you have caused to these boys and their families by immediately dropping the charges against all six young men.

I am committed to supporting the people of Jena, Louisiana who have been protesting the profound injustice occurring there. I have contacted Governor Blanco to ask her to intervene to make sure justice is served for the Jena Six, and to ask that she investigate your conduct in this case. I am committed to doing whatever I personally can to support these young men and their families until this matter is appropriately resolved.

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